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Welcome to the Learning Journey Page!

The e-conference will make use of a wide range of methodologies and tools to give each attendee the opportunity to make their own personal learning journey, develop practical takeaways and action points from the conference and share results during the event (and beyond).
Learning objective we developed for this conference are as follows:

On this page, we want to give you a brief introduction about the formats and tools we are going to provide to fully participate before, during and after the conference. Do not be afraid – it is very easy and our facilitators and technical support team are there to assist you.

For the different learning formats, you may click on the following links:

  • Clinic: You can get tailored peer-to-peer advice on specific practical questions related to the design and implementation of SP-responses to COVID-19. Learn more.
  • Virtual expo: Be informed and discuss products and services related to SP-responses to COVID-19 and beyond. Learn more.
  • Thematic round-tables: Discuss knowledge shared from specialists on a specific topic of interest. Learn more.

Virtual tools

Since this is a learning event, in this e-conference you will have the opportunity to make your personal learning journey, develop practical take-aways and action points from the conference and share the results throughout the conference (and beyond). To support your learning experience, you will have access to virtual tools provided in different sessions throughout the event.

Personalize your learning journey with Sched

An engaging virtual conference offers you choices. We will allow all attendees to create their own customized agenda. To join the activities of the first and last days, you only need to click on the corresponding link in the programme at the scheduled time.

To attend the clinics, round-tables, virtual booths talks and side events, you’ll be requested to register by clicking into the checkbox circle on the schedule for the sessions you want to participate.
Your personal agenda will be visible to you when you are logged in to the conference. You can also find out much more such as who is joining the session with you and who they are.

See Sched tutorial

Join and interact on Zoom

Hardly anybody will not be familiar with this video platform. On Day 1 we also offer the World Café style peer-to-peer exchange using breakout rooms. To ensure that language barriers are minimized we sometimes ask participants to leave one Zoom call to join another one (and back). In some sessions, we may also have French and/or Spanish interpretation via Zoom. Our facilitators and moderators will guide you through all the options during each session.

See Zoom tutorial

Participate in our self-reflection on Padlet

Based on a special framework, you can conduct a self-reflection on what your country could have done better if they had prepared in advance to respond to the COVID-19 cris (and beyond) and thought through all relevant dimensions comprehensively, acknowledging the trade-offs between these.

Just click on the provided link here to go to the virtual wall where you will be able to post notes on. There’s a good chance you’ve done the “write on a sticky note and put it on the wall” activity — or have seen it happen before. You will have the opportunity to answer very briefly a couple of highly relevant questions. You can also learn from the answers of your peers.


Ask your questions with Slido at Clinics and Virtual Expo

One of the unique conference features is our Clinics and the Virtual Expo, where you can send your questions in advance to allow senior experts to prepare for specific issues to be addressed during their live sessions. Submit your questions via the Slido tool. Slido is a simple audience engagement tool. Just click on the link provided for each clinic or virtual booth. Each of them has its own Q&A page. Your questions may be answered live in each session or in due time in writing.

See Slido tutorial

Take a short video about your commitment to social protection with Tribute (it’s fun!)
Tribute is a little software that makes it easy to create a collaborative video montage. We want to create video montages as a powerful statement for the importance and the commitment to our social protection work.
We believe that saying these three powerful words, “I am committed” – especially when followed by what you are committed to being, doing or creating will have a positive impact.

Whether you are looking to reduce impacts, improve operational efficiencies, or drive success through new collaborations and engagement opportunities – success must start with commitment. No pledge is too small or too ambitious for the video collection – so long as it is any action that you believe will help to achieve a sustainable and more equitable future for all.

Just click on this link and record your video – not more than 30-45 seconds.

Disclaimer: Please note that your video may be used for communication materials for the conference.

Note: We also offer a Wall of Commitment where you can also post your personal commitments on a Padlet wall.

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